Looking Out

As I sit here looking out this window at the Buildings that align the landscape. I can’t help but to wonder what fates I am faced with.  I have only been here a few short weeks, but already I have had my share of anguish.  Although the staff treats me well enough, they have their jobs to do.  Some of these jobs are not very nice ones.  I hear the screams from those who need to be restrained because they might harm themselves or others.  I hear the ramblings of those who have other souls living in their heads.  The cries of the children who are so sick even their mothers are not allowed to visit.

Then there’s those like myself, who just see everything.  We sit here every day and night witnessing every move, every whisper.   This is our life, watching the play that is every day asylum life.  We see the nurse passing everyone their medicine, making sure they are swallowed.  Watch as those who aren’t playing nice that day are led away, back to their rooms.  Hopefully they will play better tomorrow so they don’t become like Henry.

Poor Henry, he came running up to me when they brought me here.  He was so energetic, so happy to see me and introduce himself.  Seamed harmless enough to me.  But, I heard a couple of the nurses talking about him.  He had a problem hitting the staff and other residents at times, I guess.  Today he sits with me watching out the window, just as silent as I am.

I see the sun is shining today.  I wonder if it’s warm outside yet.  It has been rainy lately and all the snow is gone.  The flowers should be blooming soon, I hope I will get a chance to go outside and see them.


The above writing is imaginary, it’s in no way intended to depict things that may have happened.  This is the kind of thing that goes through my head when I explore these old buildings.  I will be adding these writings along with some actual facts in my book.  I will also be putting some up here on the blog, so make sure you subscribe for updates!Looking out web