Going Up

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Today was an interesting day.  After going downstairs for activities I was going to be moved to my new room.  Activities was fun enough, we did a game of shuffle board.  This is always a bit fun for me as it is one of the few things I am able to do.  My left arm is one of the few things left that hasn’t betrayed me.  Before the stroke I was right-handed, so learning to do things with my left has been a challenge.  Out right frustrating at times.  Anyway, my team managed to get third place today.  Feels good to accomplish something!

After the games My aide came to get me and bring me to my new room.  They had been moving my stuff into it while I was busy with games.  My new room is on the main floor down the hall and a few turns from the dining area.  All we had to do was go up one floor to the main floor.  I guess the elevator had enough running people up and down because it stopped between floors and wouldn’t budge.  They say we were stuck for four hours while the grounds people figured out the problem and fixed it.  It felt like an eternity!  I am pretty sure at one point I fell asleep, startling awake to the feeling of falling.  Phew it was just a dream.  The roof to the elevator car is open again.  I can see the doors way up there, what an eerie feeling.  I feel total panic rising up from me, I scream but no one hears me.  No one hears me when I scream, another gift left from my stroke.  Finally, the elevator is going up.  You think in this big fancy building they could have equipment that actually works right.

My new room is in the back of the building, maybe I will be able to see the woods!  Hope they grabbed all of my stuff.  Oh wow!! There are beautiful tile floors in my new room!  They have flowers designed into them.  They are so exquisite, white flowers with blue centers.  I think I will like it here.  I have not been able to go outside and see the real flowers that are starting to bloom.  I hope they will let me do that soon.  But until then, this will do.


I hope you are enjoying my stories!  This is not a true story, or was is it meant to depict anything that happened.  This is a story that reflects the thoughts that I have when I am touring old buildings.  I will be including these stories and more in my book that I am working on.  If you would like updates on my book and/or notices when I post new stories subscribe to my blog.  You can also follow me on face book by clicking here.